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Unlock the Ape Print for Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

Look into the soulful eyes of the gorilla, and you will know there is a depth of intelligence there that is undeniable. The gorilla reminds us there is more to knowledge than what is found in text books. The gorilla symbolizes: Communication Loyalty Leadership Compassion Intelligence Nobility Dignity Strength Responsibility Nurturing Connectivity By writing "unlock" on his forehead and bringing attention around his eyes it symbolizes unlocking the wisdom within ourselves by opening our eyes to the world around us and seeing the beauty behind the imperfections. 

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Developing the Free Bird S/S '13 Collection...

So we talked about in the last article what our inspiration is for this coming collection and now we want to share with you the begin stages of developing the Free Bird Spring/Summer '13 Collection. It's all about the freedom in contrasting elements and imperfection while relating back to the beauty behind the natural processes that occur in nature. I hope you like our new graphics and first couple pieces, we'll be adding more soon!

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